What is Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED)?

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) defines SR&ED (or SRED) as “Scientific Research and Experimental Development“, it is a tax incentive program that encourages Canadian corporations, partnerships, and individuals, to participate in research and/or experimental development in a variety of sectors including:

Canada’s SR&ED program is one of the world’s best paying R&D tax incentive programs. Every year, over 20,000 Canadian-controlled private corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships receive in excess of CDN $4 Billion from the SR&ED program.

With years of experience making successful claims, the experts at SR&ED Unlimited are qualified to determine if you can make a claim that fits program criteria. If so, you can receive substantial tax credits or cash refunds offsetting a portion of your qualifying R&D expenditures. You can depend on SR&ED Unlimited to ensure a maximum SR&ED tax credit return on your qualified expenses.

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