SR&ED Tax Credit for Printing – Digital and Traditional

With 3D and digital printing technologies virtually taking over the industry, more traditional printing companies have to get creative and experiment with ink formulations, finishes, bindings, and different substrates to satisfy the ever-increasing (and complicated) customer demands.

In order to qualify for SR&ED, a company must be engaged in work that requires experimentation and several attempts to achieve a goal. This kind of testing should not only raise the knowledge level of the company, but also generate knowledge that couldn’t have been known by searching the internet.

Inking the SR&ED Tax Refund for your Printing Work

Many technical changes have occurred within the print industry since the introduction and proliferation of CTP (computer-to-plate) technology which has caused a fundamental shift in SR&ED activity. Printing companies now experiment with replacing analog with digital plates and replacing solvent-based inks with water-based inks. Companies have to translate “time-honoured” printing practices to a digital environment.

Other potential SR&ED projects may include:

  • adjusting previously manual or traditional printing practices to a 3D/digital environment
  • implementing new or combining existing systems or technologies in way they weren’t designed to, to accomplish what a single system or technology couldn’t do on its own
  • testing of new printing plates to achieve quality or use case-specific results
  • efforts to reduce banding, dot gain, or ink bleed
  • measures to increase colour consistency across print runs
  • testing of new print substrates
  • fingerprinting new presses
  • printing on food-grade substrates with food-grade inks

Of course, there could be other types of projects that qualify.

Why you need SRED Unlimited

SRED Unlimited has many years of extensive experience with the printing industry. We have worked with companies that use offset, web, flexo, digital, large format, screen, and embroidery processes. We have also worked with finishing companies such as binderies and die cutting companies.

Having successfully worked with so many different printing and finishing companies for so many years, we have accumulated substantial in-house expertise in the industry. Your SRED Unlimited consultantcan spot eligible projects that other consulting companies might give up on.

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