It takes constant innovation to remain competitive in the printing industry. There are two ways that claimable research and development commonly happen:

  • Generic research and experimentation. This can include modifying ink formulas, printing on new substrates to expand the product line, and other experimental activities where the outcome is unknown/success is not guaranteed.
  • Special/custom orders requiring experimentation. This can be claimable whether or not the project was a commercial success, provided that it results in reusable new technological knowledge.

Of course, there could be other types of projects that qualify.

SRED Unlimited has many years of extensive experience with the printing industry. We have worked with companies that use different processes (ex: offset, web, flexo, digital, large format, screen, embroidery). We have also worked with finishing companies such as binderies and die cutting companies. Having successfully worked with so many different printing and finishing companies for so many years, we have accumulated substantial in-house expertise in the industry. SRED Unlimited can spot eligible projects that other consulting companies might give up on.


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The Edge Screen Studio
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