SR&ED Tax Credits for the Aerospace & Automotive Industries


Canada is at the forefront of innovation in the aerospace and automotive sectors, with its companies engaging in groundbreaking research, manufacturing, and development activities that have a global impact. These activities span a wide range of areas, including commercial aircraft and helicopters, avionics and flight simulation, engine and landing gear production, and space systems. Additionally, Canadian enterprises are integral to the automotive industry, supplying essential parts and components worldwide.


At SRED Unlimited, we specialize in elevating your SR&ED tax credit claims. Our expertise is particularly beneficial for companies immersed in developing new products or processes aimed at meeting the evolving, unconventional demands of the aerospace and automotive fields. Should your project involve innovative approaches or the creation and evaluation of prototypes—yielding new knowledge regardless of the outcome—you may be eligible for government refunds for the resources invested in these explorations.


We can help grow your SR&ED tax credits


If your team has spent any time working on projects such as:

  • Designing mechanical components for engines, landing gear, or safety equipment.
  • Advancing avionics and other electrical systems beyond conventional boundaries.
  • Exploring alternative fuels/clean energy solutions or seeking to enhance performance and fuel efficiency in new or unique ways.
  • Streamlining the manufacturing process to adhere to rigorous safety standards or to boost performance efficiency.


For any project that might qualify for SR&ED incentives, we encourage you to consult with an SRED Unlimited expert consultant. Click here to learn when standard R&D qualifies as SR&ED.


Why Choose SRED Unlimited?

Navigating the SR&ED tax credit claim process requires a partner with deep understanding and strategic insight. SRED Unlimited provides not just consultancy but a partnership, guiding you from the initial stages of your claim to its successful conclusion. Our team is equipped to ask the right questions and frame your innovative work in a manner that maximizes your refund potential. Let us accompany you through every step of the claim process, ensuring your innovative projects are recognized and rewarded by the government. Contact us today to discover how we can assist your company in claiming what it rightfully deserves.

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