SR&ED for Cosmetic Science & Personal Care

Canadian innovators in cosmetic science and personal care product sectors have faced numerous challenges in product development. Consumers are demanding quality skin, hair, and nail therapy products that are allergen-free, vegan, or are packaged in environmentally friendly containers, etc. This means companies are experimenting with combinations of ingredients or components that have never been used together before and may react to their new counterparts in different and unexpected ways. 

We can help grow your SR&ED tax credits

If your company has spent time developing a new product or process in an attempt to address some new, non-standard demands in cosmetic science or personal care or related industries, there may be an opportunity to receive a refund from the government for that work. If your product or process development required you to try different approaches or generate and test prototypes, whether successful or not, you could receive a refund for the time and materials associated with this experimentation.

If your team has spent any time working on …

  • Modifying existing equipment to accommodate green or ethical packaging materials or processes 
  • New product development or enhancement of existing products to meet specific industry or customer demands
  • Improving efficiency and efficacy of the manufacturing of products to meet stricter safety standards or increase performance workflow
  • Or anything else that might fall into the SR&ED category [link to When Does standard R&D work Become SRED article]…

…then you need to talk to a SRED Unlimited consultant. Contact us today to hear how we can help your company.

Why you need SRED Unlimited

You need a knowledgeable consultant who knows what questions to ask and how to present your work so as to increase the chances of receiving a refund. You need a consultant who will walk with you from the beginning to the end of your claim process. 

Maximize your SR&ED for Chemical research tax credit and refund claim