Get some Green for your Green Tech

Clean technology and environmental science is a vastly expanding area for technological pioneers. With so much potential for advancement, environmental innovators spend plenty of time and money on scientific research and experimental development.

Claiming the SR&ED tax credit can help your clean tech company reclaim some of the money spent on time and materials related to your work to save the planet. Your company could receive tax credits or refunds for technological research and development that results in industry advancement either in the form of new capabilities or new knowledge.

Environmental initiatives such as recycling, water purification, sewage treatment, environmental remediation, flue gas treatment, solid waste management, and renewable energy may be eligible if you learned something new and development required multiple attempts (especially attempts that failed).

Why you need SRED Unlimited

SRED Unlimited has worked with solar panel and racking companies, developers of various recycling technologies, and other companies looking for greener solutions. Not only do we understand the technology and industry, but also how to generate a cohesive claim that will increase the chances of receiving a refund (compared to simply submitting it on your own).

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Maximize your SR&ED tax credit or refund for advancement and innovation in CleanTech or environmental science research.