The Changing IT / Software / Telecommunications Landscape

Information technologies and software development have come a long way since Commodore 64s and Pong to now talking about cloud-based storage and dealing with petaquads of data and beyond. With the ever-changing landscape, what might have been new and non-standard just a year or two ago has become the standard and is driving innovation forward to store and retrieve more information faster and for more people while maintaining information security.

The telecommunications landscape has also changed drastically in the last 20 years where virtually everything now is done from a smartphone and less and less frequently on “standard” landline phones, and people are looking for ever-efficient, versatile (cross-platform/cross-gadget), and secure methods of communicating with each other.

Picking out the Best Bytes for SR&ED in IT, Software & Telecommunications

Sometimes it’s hard for developers to know what part of their work is non-standard or less-than-standard. It seems routine to them. Your company doesn’t have to be working on something that’s “rocket science” for it to qualify for SR&ED. Your project/product doesn’t even have to succeed. If you encountered a problem with a process or product that you couldn’t solve by consulting “Dr. Google” and had to experiment to find a solution, or use or combine technologies that weren’t designed to work together – then there is a chance that your company could receive a tax credit or refund for the work and materials.

Why you need SRED Unlimited

SRED Unlimited has the technological background and expertise to delve into the work your company has done to find the details that could qualify your work for the SR&ED tax credit.

If your company has worked on…

  • mobile and web applications
  • SaaS-based solutions to digital signage,
  • call center enterprise solutions and telephony technologies
  • educational software
  • novel architecture, performance enhancements and scaling,
  • complex algorithms and adjustments to third-party software with poor or nonexistent documentation

… let our experienced consultants help you find those qualifying activities and prepare and submit your claim. Contact SRED Unlimited, today, to maximize your claim.


Maximize your SR&ED for IT, Software or Telecommunications tax credit and refund claim