Saving, Changing, or Improving Lives? Claim SR&ED Tax Credit for Life Sciences and Biotech

Researchers and developers in Life Sciences and Biotechnology are constantly engaging in lifesaving and life changing scientific research and experimental development. Much of this work involves the traditional scientific method – which is one of the hallmarks of a potentially eligible SR&ED project.

If your company is engaged in this kind of research and product or process development, and your team encounters unexpected results during testing, or are trying to solve a problem where traditional methods have failed or wouldn’t help you achieve your project objective … you may have a case for SR&ED.

Get Government Funding for your Life Sciences and Biotech Research?

The SR&ED tax credit is the largest single source of funding for research and development provided by the federal government. Canadian Life Sciences and Biotechnology companies of all sizes can benefit from claiming SR&ED tax credits. Tax rules also now allow companies with a taxable income up to $10 million to receive the full 35% tax refund for their eligible expenditures. This is great news for small and medium-sized life science and biotechnology corporations in Canada.

Why you need SRED Unlimited

If your company…

  • Designs and/or manufactures electrotherapeutic and electromedical apparatus
  • Designs and/or manufactures medical supplies and equipment
  • Designs and/or manufactures biological products, medicines and pharmaceuticals
  • Operates R&D Facilities focused on life sciences and biotechnology research

… your scientific research and experimental development work may be eligible for the SR&ED tax credit/refund program.

If your company is engaged in and owns the intellectual property rights associated with the development or improvement of equipment, mathematical algorithms, computer programs, and biological products you need to talk to one of our experienced SRED Unlimited consultants.

SRED Unlimited has years of experience helping companies submit claimable projects that they were not even thinking about when they called. It costs you nothing to ask for a meeting to see if any of your work this year is eligible.

Maximize your SR&ED for Life Sciences research and experiment tax credit and refund claim