The fields of Life Sciences and Biotechnology are subject to constant and heavy research and development, much of which should qualify for SR&ED tax credits. Unfortunately, many paid hours and material expenses go unclaimed because the innovations made are incremental improvements to an existing product or process, and not everybody realizes that valid claims can be made from this type of research as well. Other times, companies balk at the convoluted regulations and decide not to make their own claim, but this is why SR&ED Unlimited is here to help.

Canadian Life Sciences and Biotechnology companies of all sizes can benefit from claiming SR&ED tax credits. It is the largest single source of funding for research and development provided by the federal government. The development or improvement of equipment, mathematical algorithms, computer programs, and biological products are just some of the things that could qualify for SR&ED tax credits.

SR&ED Unlimited has years of experience helping companies dig up claimable projects that they were not even thinking about when they called. It costs you nothing to ask for a meeting to see if any of your work this year is eligible for this tax credit, because we do not get paid until your SR&ED claim successfully goes through.

Companies that fit this profile include:

  • Manufacturers of electrotherapeutic and electromedical apparatus
  • Manufacturers of medical supplies and equipment
  • Manufacturers of biological products, medicines and pharmaceuticals
  • R&D Facilities focused on Life Sciences & Biotechnology research

Maximize your SR&ED for Life Sciences research and experiment tax credit and refund claim