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You could receive an SR&ED tax credit or refund for R&D work done in Canada.

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SR&ED tax credits and refunds apply to Canadian companies / corporations in various industries.

  • Agriculture / Cannabis
  • Automotive & Aerospace
  • Cosmetic Science & Personal Care
  • Computer Science & Software Engineering & AI
  • Food & Beverage (incl. micro and craft breweries)
  • Health care / Dental / Pharmaceuticals
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Our experienced SR&ED Tax Credit Consultants …

1) Will help you identify eligible projects and expenses;

2) Will prepare the written report of all your eligible projects containing the details that will increase the chances of the CRA accepting your claim;

3) Will coach you on any documentation the CRA may request to verify your work; and,

4) Our SR&ED Accounting Specialist will work with your accountant to minimize the stress of preparing the SR&ED portion of your return.

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Developing new or enhancing existing product lines or production processes very likely involves some experimental development.

If your company has its own product line or services related to …

  • software development,
  • printing,
  • manufacturing,
  • enhancing food products and processes,
  • enhancing and developing medical and dental processes and treatments, etc.

… then it very likely involves some experimental development.

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Our SRED Unlimited Tax Credit consultants are experts in their respective fields.

Our direct and transferrable knowledge across a variety of industries enables us to dig deeper into R&D projects to find details that other SR&ED consultants may miss.

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