Dmitry Brusilovsky

Founder and SR&ED Technical Director

Dmitry has a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science, and prior to the founding of this company—and to his work in the field of SR&ED in general—gained many years of software engineering experience. Since then, he has worked for over 12 years on SR&ED applications. In addition to administrative duties, he also personally works on SR&ED applications for many of SRED Unlimited’s software and technology clients.

Lana Bogouslavski

VP of Operations

Lana Bogouslavski is SRED Unlimited’s VP of Operations. Lana has extensive managerial experience, as well as credit and market risk business analysis skills and software development experience.

SR&ED Consultant David Reti

David Réti

SR&ED Consultant

David is an experienced consultant with SRED Unlimited. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature and is well equipped to compose a SR&ED story from transcripts and collection of raw facts during consultations. He has been a member of the SRED Unlimited team since 2008. He assists various clients in a variety of industries—primarily the food industry, a SR&ED-eligible field that requires careful and accurate presentation.

SR&ED Consultant Leslie Jennings

Leslie Jennings

SR&ED Consultant

Leslie is an experienced consultant with SRED Unlimited. She has a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Engineering Physics from McMaster University.  She is a Professional Engineer who joined the SRED Unlimited team in 2010. Prior to joining the team, she acquired 15 years of engineering experience with such companies as Honeywell, Thales and Bombardier in the aerospace industry. Leslie works on SR&ED applications for clients in a broad spectrum of industries.

Newer Dar Head shot

Darlene Oakley

SR&ED Communications

Darlene is a writing, editing, and transcription Specialist working with SRED Unlimited. She has 15 years of transcription experience in a variety of fields and specializes in transcribing qualitative research interviews. She also has 15 years of editing experience with fiction/non-fiction titles, as well as medical and technical articles and reports. She has over 400 articles published online, as well two published fiction titles.

Antonina Marto

SR&ED Accountant

Antonina is our extremely experienced SRED Unlimited accountant. She finalizes T661 SRED forms and incorporates them into our customers’ corporate tax returns. She deals with all the SRED schedules and corresponding  changes in the corporate tax returns  that affect our clients. Antonina’s role is integral to our whole submission process. She joined the SR&ED Unlimited team in 2013.

SRED Consultant Eugenia Vovk

Eugenia Vovk

SR&ED Consultant

Eugenia is an experienced consultant with SRED Unlimited. She has a PhD in Physical Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis as well as a Master of Business Administration. She brings to the table many years of experience in both industry and commercialisation consulting, and has been an OCE Expert Reviewer and External Review Panel Member since 2014. In the SR&ED world, she is a 7-year veteran proposal/application writer and an Applications Development Scientist.

Carole Champion - Technical Writer

Carole Champion

SR&ED Consultant

Carole Champion is an experienced consultant with SRED Unlimited. She holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Physics. She has over 30 years’ experience in Business Communications and Management in the energy sector. Her knowledge of federal and provincial government funding programs, her ability to analyze and synthesize information, and her proven track record in helping applicants obtain research funding from government sources make her a very strong part of SRED Unlimited.

Seonaid Lee - Technical Writer

Seonaid Lee

SR&ED Consultant

Seonaid Lee is an experienced consultant with SRED Unlimited. She holds a Master’s Degree in Physics, a Bachelor of Education, and directed education in Data Analytics and Data Science. She has experience as a software developer, systems integration trainer, business analyst, and instructional designer. This background makes her an integral part of the SRED Unlimited team.

Benjamin Dryden - Technical Writer

Benjamin Dryden

SR&ED Consultant

Benjamin Dryden is an experienced consultant with SRED Unlimited. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering – BE, Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. He brings a unique skill set, educational and experiential background to the SRED Unlimited technical team.

Menny Israeli

SR&ED Consultant

Menny is an experienced Consultant with SRED Unlimited. He has a Bachelor of Engineering Degree including the fields of Software, Communication, and Microelectronics. He has worked in IT for many years, including relevant time spent with Motorola Canada. He joined the SR&ED Unlimited team in 2009. Menny provides SR&ED assistance for clients who are developing products that include software components, hardware electronics and/or mechanical components as well as system integration.

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