Dmitry Brusilovsky

Founder and SR&ED Technical Director

Dmitry has a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science, and prior to the founding of this company—and to his work in the field of SR&ED in general—gained many years of software engineering experience. Since then, he has worked for over 20 years on SR&ED applications. In addition to administrative duties, he also personally works on SR&ED applications for many of SRED Unlimited’s software and technology clients.


Lana Bogouslavski

VP of Operations

Lana Bogouslavski is SRED Unlimited’s VP of Operations. Lana has extensive managerial experience, as well as credit and market risk business analysis skills and software development experience.

SR&ED Consultant David Reti

David Réti

Partner, Client Engagement and Consulting

David is an experienced Partner with SRED Unlimited. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature and is well-equipped to present each unique SR&ED case from transcripts and collection of raw facts during consultations. He has been a member of the SRED Unlimited team since 2008.


“I love helping my clients earn big refunds. Everyone I work with has a story, a dream about why they started their business. From beer to baking, cannabis to cosmetics, whatever your product, the best part of my job is helping you claim the refund you need to succeed. For over 15 years I’ve specialized in making SR&ED easy for my clients. Let me know how I can help!”


Leslie Jennings

Chief Technical Partner

Leslie is an experienced Partner with SRED Unlimited. She has a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Engineering Physics from McMaster University.  She is a Professional Engineer who joined the SRED Unlimited team in 2010. Leslie works on SR&ED applications for clients in a broad spectrum of industries.


“From my four years in the Engineering Physics department at McMaster University to my 15 years as a professional Engineer in the Aerospace Industry working in design, technical support, and project engineering, there was always something new to learn and a problem to solve. For 15 years at SRED Unlimited I have been thrilled to learn about the exciting work being done by clients from a broad spectrum of industries,  including healthcare, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals, and assist each one in identifying their SR&ED projects and filing successful claims to help grow their businesses.”

Darlene Oakley

Darlene Oakley

Director of Communications

Darlene has been working with SRED Unlimited since 2017. Her primary specialty is general transcription [20 years, incl. qualitative research interviews (medical and general) and dental clinical]. She also has a strong history as a professional editor and writer (20+ years). Her skills and experience also include social media strategy, SEO, and generating blog and web content. Darlene started with SRED Unlimited as the lone transcriber, but has taken leadership of a team of transcribers and continues to oversee the quality of content generated by the transcribing team, and social media, website, and blog content-generating team members. She is also well-versed not only in most of the industries that submit for SRED, but also in SRED itself, and provides valuable input on content submitted through the claims process.

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Antonina Marto

SR&ED Accountant

Antonina is our extremely experienced SRED Unlimited accountant. She finalizes T661 SRED forms and incorporates them into our customers’ corporate tax returns. She deals with all the SRED schedules and corresponding  changes in the corporate tax returns  that affect our clients. Antonina’s role is integral to our whole submission process. She joined the SR&ED Unlimited team in 2013.


Natalie Schnellback

Social Media Content Creator

Natalie is part of the communications team, creating and overseeing the social media strategy and channel content. She has over six years of experience in social media management, content creation, copywriting, and graphic design, as well as over 15 years of administrative experience.

Patience Lister_head shot

Patience Lister

Technical Writing Specialist

Patience is a technical writer specializing in food science and natural health products. She has been writing technical content for the food processing and pharmaceutical sectors for over ten years and has extensive experience conducting applied research on food, supplements, and medicinal plants. Patience has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Diploma of Technology in Food Technology.

Joan Allaby

Joan Allaby

Technical Writing Specialist

Joan is a technical writing specialist and editor who helps organizations and businesses in the health, medical and science sectors. She communicates effectively with their clients, patients, and business partners. She has a background in biology and training in medical laboratory technology, with a comprehensive understanding of the language of science and medicine. Joan specializes in the food and beverage sector for the SRED Unlimited team.


Jason Coyne

Transcription and Technical Writing Specialist

Jason is a technical writer with extensive transcription experience, specializing in technology, science, and safety. Jason holds a BSc in Computer Science and has over eight years of experience in software development. A life-long learner, he returned to university in pursuit of a second BSc in Biochemistry. Jason has mastered transforming complex technical knowledge into easily digestible information for successful SRED claims. His obsessive eye for consistency and technical accuracy helps ensure the quality of your claim.

Elena Racansky

Elena Racansky

Technical Writing Specialist

Elena is a Senior Business Analyst and software specialist who thrives on problem-solving and determining the right solution for the right task. She is an extremely experienced technical developer who provides highly effective solutions to complex system projects in different environments.

Jamie Baxter

Jamie Baxter, Ph.D.

SR&ED Consultant

Jamie is a talented biochemist and microbiologist with 13+ years of laboratory experience and a Ph.D. in biochemistry. Experienced in numerous genetic, cellular, and biochemical assays, and instrumentation to examine protein structure-function relationships, he is also well-versed in a variety of operating systems, productivity software, and technical software. Jamie contributes his expertise to both life sciences and IT projects.


Alison Harman

SR&ED Consultant

Alison is an experienced SR&ED consultant who specializes in claims for technology companies and software projects. She has a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Physics, a Master of Science in Physics, as well as a Diploma in Full-Stack Web Development from the LightHouse labs.

Ricki Rathwell

Ricki Rathwell

SR&ED Consultant (Cannabis)

Ricki is a results-driven and resourceful quality assurance professional with over 5 years of experience in the cannabis industry. Adept at implementing quality assurance programs and overseeing all related documentation and procedures at facilities of various sizes, she has 8 years of research and laboratory experience specializing in tissue culture, as well as experience in both laboratory design and management. Ricki holds security clearance under Health Canada for the cannabis industry.

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TC Green

SR&ED Consultant

TC is a professional engineer and experienced editor with a masters of electrical engineering. He has extensive experience in military, government, IT, telecoms, and transportation sectors. He has also worked applying GIS, GPS, and remote sensing to mapping and historical research. This diverse background provides a unique combination of specific-focused expertise and broad system experience to the SRED Unlimited team.

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Transcription Team

SR&ED Experts

Our team includes skilled transcriptionists with a variety of professional and educational backgrounds who have all been trained to ensure that we connect all the dots in your SR&ED project and maximize your claim!

SRED Consultant Eugenia Vovk

Eugenia Vovk

SR&ED Consultant

Eugenia is an experienced consultant with SRED Unlimited. She has a PhD in Physical Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis as well as a Master of Business Administration. She brings to the table many years of experience in both industry and commercialisation consulting, and has been an OCE Expert Reviewer and External Review Panel Member since 2014. In the SR&ED world, she is a 7-year veteran proposal/application writer and an Applications Development Scientist.

Carole Champion - Technical Writer

Carole Champion

SR&ED Consultant

Carole Champion is an experienced consultant with SRED Unlimited. She holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Physics. She has over 30 years’ experience in Business Communications and Management in the energy sector. Her knowledge of federal and provincial government funding programs, her ability to analyze and synthesize information, and her proven track record in helping applicants obtain research funding from government sources make her a very strong part of SRED Unlimited.

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