SR&ED Tax Credit for Manufacturing Companies in Canada

Innovation and experimental development are necessary for Canadian manufacturers to remain competitive within an ever-evolving industry. Such work, which many might consider just “part of the job” might actually be eligible for the SR&ED tax credit/refund program.

Manufacturers are “primarily engaged in the physical or chemical transformation of materials or substances into new products,” which encompasses the use or development of:

  • Plastics & rubber
  • Textiles
  • Tool and die processes
  • Printing & packaging materials
  • Transportation equipment
  • Electronics components
  • Steel
  • Machinery

Where’s smoke there’s … SR&ED?

If your company projects included:

  • Integrating component parts not originally designed to fit or work together,
  • Blending materials in non-standard ways, or developing new materials to address a problem standard materials couldn’t solve
  • Developing new finishing procedures or protocols of manufactured products
  • Reformulating or adjusting products or equipment to achieve a certain objective
  • Improving a process (i.e.: safety, product consistency, from manual to automated)

…you could receive up to 35% of your eligible expenses back as cash in your pocket.

Why you need SRED Unlimited

SRED Unlimited has worked with tool & die design/manufacturing, metal fabrication and stamping, welding, foundry, injection molding, electronics/hardware, and composite materials companies. We know what questions to ask to filter through the work completed to find SR&ED eligible projects and expenses. We understand that these kind of companies frequently conduct experiments to maintain acceptable quality (not only for customers, but in compliance with standards like GMP and ISO) while keeping costs under control, reducing waste, expanding the product line and developing and testing better ways to manufacture existing products.

SRED Unlimited’s extensive experience helps you distinguish between systematic experimentation and routine testing. Call us and let us help your company maximize its  claims for time and materials spent in eligible activities.


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