Innovation and testing are necessary to remain competitive, and these happen so frequently in manufacturing that many claimable activities are considered just part of the job. To make matters worse, some consultants who are less qualified in the manufacturing sector will discourage companies from filing substantial claims, all because they lack the expertise to distinguish SR&ED eligible activities from routine testing.

SRED Unlimited has extensive experience, among other industries,  working with Tool & Die design/manufacturing, Metal Fabrication and Stamping, Welding, Foundries, injection molding, electronics/hardware, and composite materials companies. We know that these companies frequently conduct experiments to maintain acceptable quality (not only for customers, but in compliance with standards like GMP and ISO) while keeping costs under control, to reduce waste, to expand the product line and to come up with better ways to manufacture existing products. SRED Unlimited has the experience to distinguish systematic experimentation from routine testing, and we can help your company make solid claims of time and materials spent in eligible activities.


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