Read what our clients are saying about claiming SR&ED credits and refunds:

Yang Han, Co-Founder and CTO

“StackAdapt has been working with Dmitry for over 6 years. We are very satisfied with the level of technical expertise and quality of service that Dmitry and his team has to offer.

“Our SRED claims have been efficient, detailed, and the process has been smooth throughout our growth. We recommend Dmitry without a doubt.”


Sandra Thiessen, owner

“We have been working with David and Dmitry with SRED Unlimited for the past couple years. They are very professional,  knowledgeable and detail oriented and we received exceptional service and commitment to our success. Their expertise in food science helped us successfully pass a review. I would recommend them to anyone needing assistance submitting a SRED claim.”

Beary Berry Honey (Alberta)

Callum Hay, Founder and Head Brewer, Halo Brewery

“I’ve been delighted with the simplicity and straightforwardness that SRED Unlimited has brought to our SRED claim. Their consulting has been super efficient and professional, taking a ton of stress out the process. SRED Unlimited has demonstrated that they are able to quickly grasp the details of brewing and cellaring and utilize it to effectively elucidate the R&D that takes place at Halo. We’re happy to continue working with them to help fulfill our mandate to fund the creation and expansion of experimental brews.”

Callum Hay – Founder and Head Brewer, Halo Brewery

Peter Chiodo, Founder – Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery

I was totally pleased and impressed with SRED Unlimited. By the end of the SRED claim preparation process, the SRED Unlimited consultants had developed a detailed working knowledge of the art and science of modern craft-brewing. SRED Unlimited conducted the entire process of claim preparation with high expediency and professionalism. The results of their work were also extremely rewarding in terms of the received refunds . We will be using their services again.“

Rob McDougall, President – Upstream Works Software Ltd.

“I found that other SRED consultants did not understand the technology intricacies of our products, and left the bulk of the technical work to my staff to complete. SRED Unlimited has shown a strong aptitude for determining where the technical uncertainties are and how they apply to SRED eligibility – without impacting my development team. They accurately assessed the scope and difficulty of our R&D projects with a few meetings – and without requiring that my staff do all the work first.“
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Ed Leavens, President, Datex

“SRED Unlimited has been an indispensable asset in reclaiming our labour costs spent during experimentation. Dmitry, the technical director and also their leading software consultant, has proven himself highly knowledgeable in his domain, and he is very skillful and effective at conducting technical interviews with our technical leads. In addition, he works tirelessly on researching and analyzing potential SR&ED projects. When an audit occurred, SRED Unlimited did not leave us to fend for ourselves, and successfully led us through the audit.”
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Paul Goldenberg, VP and COO, Red Wolf Online

“Red Wolf Online has been successfully working with Dmitry Brusilovsky and SRED Unlimited for the past three years and have found their services to be exceptional. SRED Unlimited’s experience in both SRED and software development has proved invaluable to their ability to understand our environment, resulting in thorough SRED applications and maximum claims with very little effort on our company’s part. We would highly recommend SRED Unlimited to anyone seeking a company to help them in this regard;their experience and customer orientation are without parallel.“

Steve Kendrick, VP, Production, Colour Innovations

“Over the years, SRED Unlimited has earned a place as the go-to company for Colour Innovations SR&ED claims. Their consultants are quick learners and highly adaptable to our ever changing production environment. Their professionalism extends to performing a lot of research related to the industry and to understanding printing processes, so when we need to discuss the current project, the consultant quickly gets it with the minimum explanation required.”

Dirk Schrader, COO – CRM Dynamics

“CRM Dynamics has been working with Dmitry Brusilovsky at SRED Unlimited for over 10 years and we are very satisfied with the results. CRMD develops both custom Microsoft Dynamics Solutions and sells Microsoft Dynamics products and Dmitry is able to work with our Technical staff to properly manage SR&ED. Dmitry works with our team to ensure compliance, proper processes, and to identify opportunities we would otherwise miss. I highly recommend Dmitry for your SR&ED work.
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Joe D’Urzo, Director of Software and Evaluations

“We have been fortunate to have been working with Dmitry and SRED Unlimited on our SRED applications for the past three years. I would describe his work as detail orientated, results driven and incredibly knowledgeable in the space. He has always provided us with exceptional courteous service which has aided in our success as a company. I would recommend Dmitry to anyone needing assistance submitting a SRED claim.”

Weis & Associates

Terry Shane, President – Refined Data Solutions

“I think it’s safe to say the SRED Unlimited has saved us thousands of dollars that we would have otherwise “left on the table” had we relied on our own internal resources. Dmitry worked extremely well with our teams, often putting the required documents together under tight timelines and often with only minimal support from our developers when they were busy meeting their own deadlines. The service has been very worthwhile and I would recommend SRED Unlimited to any software company looking to maximize their available credits.”

Bob Holmes, President – Holmes, The Finishing House

“We have relied heavily on SRED Unlimited to help us maximize SR+ED funding opportunities. Dmitry and Leslie have an incredible ability to capture our technical information and expertly translate it into information that fits the SRED criteria.

Dmitry and Leslie know all the SRED criteria inside and out, and have done a fantastic job of educating my technicians about how to present our findings in an SRED-positive way.

SRED Unlimited also understands that our prime focus as a business is to keep our plant running efficiently and this includes ensuring that the information-collecting process for our SR&ED claim takes a minimum amount of time so we can get back to the nuts and bolts of our business.”
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Frank Capogrego, President, Cucina Foods Inc.

“When it comes to the Food Services Industry, SRED Unlimited knows how to sort the strongest claimable activities from a year’s worth of projects. The SRED Unlimited team shows expertise in the areas of food science and mechanical engineering, and I can always count on them to deliver good results.”
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Dominic Bortolussi, Founder – The Working Group

“Dmitry and his team were expert at guiding us through the process, identifying the critical pieces of work which qualified for funding, and then collaborating with us to produce successful claims.“
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Darren Smith, President – Lake of Bays Brewing Company

“We’ve found John & Dmitry of SRED Unlimited to be great partners since day one. They make the data collection process easy and need only occasional input as they prepare our claim submission. SRED Unlimited has secured refunds for us for the past two consecutive years and we’re looking forward to working with them again this year.
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Darcy Darbyson, CTO, Creative Director – Iconic Group

“The technical experts at SRED Unlimited always seem to know what questions to ask, which shows their understanding of the technical and technological challenges faced by my company during experimental development. I’m also impressed with the way they process such a high volume of technical details and manage to distill all that into the most important points for a SRED application.”

Yakov Kazakevich, President and CTO – Compulark Inc.

“During our work together over the years, SRED Unlimited has shown the breadth and depth of their SRED program knowledge and experience, especially combined with technical expertise in software engineering and a background in computer science. In addition, I really value the efficiency and expertise shown by SRED Unlimited in handling accounting aspects of SRED claims on top of the rest of the claiming process.”

Geoff Lumby, Founder, Sterisense

Sterisense has been working for 3 years with Leslie and Dmitry of SRED Unlimited.  At the outset, I was clueless.  However, they patiently helped me understand how the SRED program works, then ramped up quickly on our technology (genomics).  Our first (SR&ED) claims were successful and resulted in credits.  An audit this year has been smooth due to their expert guidance and full commitment to stay involved.  Very glad to have such a trustworthy and committed partners.

Mark Laurie, President, – A division of Passion

“I have used SRED Unlimited to manage our SRED claims for the past 5 years and have been very impressed with their work. Dmitry is very detail oriented and has done a fantastic job working with our IT team. I’d recommend him to anyone looking to file a SRED claim.”

Tim Treloar, President/CEO – Image Four Inc.

“In dealing with SRED Unlimited over the last five years, we at Image Four have had nothing but great success. SRED Unlimited identifies the eligible projects achieving maximum results monetarily as well as creating new potential products and procedures. The knowledge gained over the past five years is a great part of our success.”
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Bob Vaez, President – EventMobi

“A fantastic partner for us year after year. Dmitry and SRED Unlimited was recommended to us by another one of his clients which is always a great sign. We were a small 3-person tech startup back then when Dmitry took us as a client. He simplified the mystery of SR&ED and helped us with keeping clean records that eventually allowed us to focus on building our product instead of worrying about tax filing and writing reports. I would recommend Dmitry to any hi-tech company any minute.”
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Peter Welfare, President, The Printing Ink Company, Rycoline Inc.

“We have been working with SRED Unlimited and Dmitry Brusilovsky for the past 7 years. He has guided us through our first claim, our first audit and really helped us understand the process of uncovering all of our SRED type projects. We have pure research projects, research projects with the aim of commercializing new product lines and research projects aimed at improving our process, and each and every project is dealt with in a thoughtful step-wise approach to maximize our refund. Dmitry has shown a unique ability to grasp the underlying core of the research to help keep our narratives on track. It is hard to admit but when we were first contacted by Dmitry to let him help us prepare our SRED claim we were somewhat reluctant. Needless to say we would highly recommend his company to anyone. You have nothing to lose.”
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Rose Reisman, CEO – Rose Reisman Catering

“Rose Reisman Catering has been working with SRED Unlimited for the past three years. They have helped us organize our research and technology in testing our food products. Due to their contribution, we have the ability to continually be ahead of the market. The meetings are productive and well directed. I would highly recommend them.“

Hans Bergman, Principal, TelDesign Inc.

“We were totally unaware that our company could qualify for SR&ED refunds. SRED Unlimited did an excellent job identifying the eligible projects and helping us with thorough filing preparation. As a result of our work with SRED Unlimited, we got two successful filings done. We received outstanding service and great commitment to the success of our filings, which took minimum involvement from us.“

TelDesign Inc.

Filipe Laborde-Basto, MBA, Director of Technology – Bash Interactive

“Working with Dmitry at SREDUnlimited has greatly helped our business tap into the SRED program. His professionalism and ability to work with technical concepts helped us map out and plan the filings and ultimately receiving the full SRED refund we were entitled to. I highly recommend working Dmitry and his team.”
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B. Anthony Penna, President – Daleena Technologies Inc.

“After working with other SR&ED consultants, I found the team of Dmitry and John to be much easier and more pleasant to work with. We have recently been using SRED Unlimited exclusively, and right from the outset, we noticed they excelled at applying themselves and managed to assist us better than the others. John is always available to offer advice and he usually seems available to lend a guiding hand and keep us on track. Trying to run a business and file an SR&ED claim on your own is not always easy. However, it’s less overwhelming when you have the right consultants to guide you through the process. Their technical writing skills are professional, accurate and lend a smooth, professional feel to the project description. I would not hesitate in recommending SRED Unlimited’s services to anyone.”
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Shirley Goldstein, Vice President – The Edge Screen Studio

“We have been using SRED Unlimited for the past 3 years and we are very impressed with their professionalism. David Reti has exhibited an excellent understanding of our industry and our products and he is thorough, detail oriented, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Best of all, he gets results. We have no hesitation in recommending him and the services of SRED Unlimited.“
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Larry Warren, President – Warren’s Waterless Printing

“After working with several SR&ED consultants and getting no success in filing our claims, we became skeptical of going into this process again. Our perspective was totally changed after we accepted a proposal from SRED Unlimited. Not only did experts from SRED Unlimited help us to successfully file four claims, but they also showed in-depth understanding of our business (environmentally friendly offset printing production) and assisted us in supporting our environmental commitment.“
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Marc Rivait, President, Rivait Software Systems

“Going into this process, we were unsure of our ability to qualify for SRED tax credits and lacked the in-house resources and expertise for the research and preparation of a high quality claim. SRED Unlimited managed the entire process of SRED claim preparation and submission with minimum involvement of our staff. We have subsequently received a significant refund and have retained SRED Unlimited to help strategize on new projects to ensure they qualify for maximum SRED credits.“
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