SR&ED Tax Credits for Agriculture and Cannabis Innovation


Canada’s agricultural sector is steeped in a tradition of innovation, from cutting-edge crop development and genetics to sustainable farming practices and advanced livestock management. This tradition extends to the rapidly evolving Canadian cannabis industry, which has seen remarkable strides in product diversification, including the development of textiles and personal care products.


The Cannabis industry is the newest and one of the fastest-growing industries in Canada. Companies are encountering a lot of uncertainties and unanticipated challenges. The work you’re doing to solve growing, harvesting and processing issues and the learning you’ve generated from applying new strategies can make you eligible for the SR&ED tax credit program. Visit SREDforCannabis to learn more.


Cultivating Your SR&ED Tax Credit Potential


At SRED Unlimited, we specialize in nurturing the growth of your SR&ED tax credit claims. Our expertise is invaluable for businesses engaged in creating new products or processes aimed at addressing the unique challenges within agriculture, cannabis, and related sectors. Whether your innovations involve novel approaches or the development and testing of prototypes—successful or otherwise—you may be eligible for governmental refunds for the resources dedicated to these ventures.


Our support extends to projects focused on:

  • Developing mechanical components or devices for livestock and crop management, such as engines, tractors, implements, and safety equipment.
  • Advancing technologies, including electrical, irrigation, and monitoring systems, to exceed conventional standards.
  • Exploring sustainable solutions in fuel and energy consumption.
  • Enhancing the production efficiency and effectiveness of products to adhere to strict safety regulations or to improve operational workflows.


For any project that might qualify for SR&ED benefits, engaging with a SRED Unlimited consultant is your next step. Contact us today to explore how we can assist in maximizing your claim.


The SRED Unlimited Advantage


Partnering with SRED Unlimited means more than just filing a claim; it means having a seasoned consultant by your side— one who understands the intricacies of your innovative work and how to present it to enhance your refund prospects. We are committed to guiding you from the claim’s initiation through to its successful resolution, ensuring your innovative efforts are recognized and rewarded accordingly. With SRED Unlimited, your journey through the SR&ED tax credit process is supported by expertise and experience, ensuring your innovations yield tangible returns.

Maximize your SR&ED for Agriculture & Cannabis research tax credit and refund claim