As consumers look for ever more-efficient ways of generating, conserving, or monitoring power usage, electrical and power generating companies continually face challenges that engineers might have only dreamed about in past generations.

The Refund Generating Power of the SR&ED Tax Credit

If your company has spent time developing a new product or process to address some of these new, non-standard demands on electrical and power generation, there may be an opportunity to receive a refund from the government for that work. If your product or process development required you to try different approaches or generate and test prototypes that led to new knowledge, regardless of whether or not they were successful, you could receive a refund for the time and materials associated with this experimentation.

If your team has spent any time working on …

  • Integrating or consolidating multiple functions into a package
  • Extending battery life/power management
  • Increasing signal strength and integrity, heat dissipation
  • Decreasing RF and magnetic interference, high-voltage and wear resistance problems, or arc control issues
  • Experimenting with alternate fuel/clean energy sources for power generation
  • Improving efficiency and efficacy of products or monitoring/generating processes

…then you need to talk to a SRED Unlimited consultant.

Why you need SRED Unlimited

You need a knowledgeable consultant who knows what questions to ask and how to present your work so as to increase the chances of receiving a refund. You need a consultant who will walk with you from the beginning to the end of your claim process. Contact SRED Unlimited to get started.

Maximize your SR&ED for Electrical and Power Generation research tax credit and refund claim