Claiming SR&ED tax credits for restaurants, bakeries and breweries presents a unique challenge for these corporations. Many companies do not consider filing SR&ED for food and beverage innovations because they do not believe they qualify.

Something’s Brewing for SR&ED Tax Credit

While it is true that altering or developing a recipe in and of itself does not constitute SR&ED, many manufacturers, restaurants, bakeries and breweries do have eligible projects. If your recipe work and product/process development involves maintaining a specific nutrition target or requirement (eg: decreasing sugar, sodium or fat content), or using non-standard ingredients (such as in gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan or allergen-free products) then there’s a pretty good chance your eligible expenses associated with the experimentation to develop such products will qualify.

Anybody who’s ever spent any time doing recipe development or enhancement has likely engaged in scientific research and experimental development without really realizing it. Success in claiming SRED for such work requires being able to demonstrate and describe your work in terms the CRA requires. Simply developing a “unique” product isn’t enough. Your claim needs to describe how your product development process is non-standard or less than standard in some way, and how the experimental process that either produced the results you were looking for, or failed to do so.

Why you need SRED Unlimited

If your company did any of the following:

  • Developed new products or recipes using non-standard ingredients or process methods, and/or packaging
  • Experimented to improve shelf life and durability of existing or new products
  • Experimented to increase nutrient factors or decrease certain other components (i.e.: sodium, sugar)
  • Experimented with processes, packaging, storage requirements or ingredients to improve food safety
  • Produced samples for sensory evaluation
  • Experimented to improve speed of processes while maintaining consistent product quality
  • Experimented with scaling up of production
  • Experimented with methods to reducing waste
  • Worked to meet myriad regulations (Health Canada, the FDA, HACCP etc.)

…you need to contact SRED Unlimited. Let our experienced consultants help you maximize your claim and your refund. SRED Unlimited has worked extensively with breweries, kitchens and bakeries. Visit our Testimonial Page to hear what our food and beverage clients have to say.


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